4th of July Little Brown Jug Picnic, Preceeded by Some Interesting Sailing

Calling all HSC’ers…

The Sailing Part of the Day
On Friday, July 4th we will be sailing the LBJ (not named for the past president) for the honor of having the largest perpetual trophy in the club gracing your home. All fleets race together with a staggered start based on Portsmouth ratings. The race committee will announce the starting sequence and timing at the skippers meeting. First boat to reach the finish line wins regardless of when she started.

The skipper’s meeting will be at 11:00 am, with the first start at about noon. The course will try to provide a tour of the lake and will last approximately 100 minutes. The race has one prize for first place and a best in fleet award for those fleets represented by 3 or more boats.

The Race Committee Needs
A race covering the whole lake needs several people helping to keep track of time, place marks, taking pictures, chatting and maintaining safety on the water. If you are planning to come to the picnic, are not planning to race and would like to get a close look at what’s going on out on the race course, while learning more about sailing, please contact Rich Baumann at vicecommodore@sailhsc.org to offer assistance. At least 2 or 3 people with NJ Safe Boating certificates will be needed.

The Picnic Part of the Day
All members are encouraged to come out for the picnic even if you didn’t sail the race. We need help though! Burgers, condiments, and drinks are provided by the club, but everyone should bring a side or dessert. If your last name starts with A-M please bring a side dish; N-Z please bring a dessert. However, if you really want to bring something else please feel free as this is just a suggestion. If you plan to be there for the picnic, please drop a note to Commodore Ted Janulis at: commodore@sailhsc.org so that burgers and dogs will not run short.

July 4th ADVICE
Some advice for coming to the park: Do not try to beat the crowd. July 4th is the busiest day of the year at Spruce Run, and there will be a line forming early in the morning, with the park closing the beach area as soon as the parking lots are full. If you arrive at 10:00 or later and tell the park staff that you are going to the boating area for a sailing club regatta and picnic, you should have no problem.  Bring your boat storage tag, if you have one. Make clear that you are an HSC member. Be patient with the park staff. They will be having a busy day.

Rich Baumann, Vice Commodore

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