Drought of 2016








Pictured above are HSC members standing on the “sunken island” in the middle of Spruce Run Reservoir. The top of the island is usually 14 feet below water when the reservoir is full, which would be level with the top of the banner in these pictures. In the past few years the “sunken island” has been exposed by a foot or two late in the season. This year of record low rainfall, the island is massive and stands 12 feet above the waterline- that’s down 26 feet and 7 billion gallons total!

The picture to the left is “goose island” which is now “goose peninsula” having joined up with the nearest mainland. Despite Spruce Run being at only 33% of it’s capacity, there is still plenty of water left to sail, with the added benefit of finding some of those precious items lost to the deep over the years.

Pictures taken October 30, 2016



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